I have been working online since 2011 building websites and helping clients with online marketing.

When I first started out, I realized that I needed hosting. I saw a short video about setting up a website on Bluehost.

I followed along with the instructions and it showed me how to set-up a website on Bluehost. Little did I know that Bluehost does not provide any website security unless you pay extra for it. I did not realize that I needed any security because I was not running an e-commerce website. I was nieve and thought only e-commerce websites got hacked. This was a rookie mistake.


I was devastated when I went to my websites and saw they were shut down. I received no warnings or emails alerting me of problems. I called Bluehost and they explained that a malware worm had entered one of my websites through a plugin and it had wormed its way through all my websites. I felt they were rude and unhelpful. They acted like it was my fault that my websites had been hacked. They sent me a list of all the infected files to delete or they would bill me $500 to do it for me. I went through and deleted all these files but this left all my websites inoperable.


Left with nothing but my domain names, I decided it was time for a change. I began researching hosting and security. I sat through several training courses on how to protect your websites from hackers.  What I learned is that most hosting is similar to Bluehost in that it is shared hosting. A malware worm or trojan or other nasty creature can make its way through all your websites. It can also come from other websites on their server. You can get infected by neighboring websites.

Web Hosting

Siteground hosting protects your individual websites and it runs security scans routinely on all your websites. Also, any issues that I have had with my websites, they have helped me clear up without being rude or asking me to delete my files. They have alerted me to problems with my websites before shutting them down and either showed me how to fix them or fixed them for me.  I have had ZERO problems with malware (knock on wood) since I switched to Siteground and I highly recommend them to my clients and friends.

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