About Kimberly Design Love

Hello, my name is  Kimberly Design Love and I’m so glad you found my blog where I help individuals like you transform into entrepreneurs, get organized, tackle finances, and more! I’m here to help you achieve success 24/7 with my actionable articles and printables.

I’ve learned the hard way to design a life and business I love now I share my steps with you.
I do that through:
  • My easy-to-read books and journals about life and business. You can buy them here (and from all the usual places that sell books)

That is why I am here to help you to Design a Business and a Lifestyle You Love

It starts with a dream followed by a decision to design a life you love. Yes, there will be obstacles like overcoming fears of technology, social networking, or face-to-face networking that may be holding you back.

The thought of going to networking meetings and making sales calls used to make me shaky and anxious.  Then I said to myself, “Kimberly Design Love, You Can Design Your Lifestyle! No One Else can do it for You!” I discovered a way to tap into my strengths, face my fears, and find clients for my business. It hasn’t always been easy.

Now I am grateful to have discovered methods and techniques that have helped me overcome my obstacles to success. This doesn’t mean my old fears don’t sometimes creep in but now I have learned to manage them.  I was so excited I share it with my clients and friends.

The results are that I have built a business that works with my lifestyle so I can work on my schedule and have time with my family and friends. And now I want to help you to get the same results.

Here’s a Snapshot of my History

I am a former college professor and department head at a local college. I am considered an expert in the field of design based on my degree and credentials. My interior design has been published in magazines like Architectural Digest and Florida Interiors. I have worked with top firms like Royal Caribbean and Marc Michaels Interior Design.

I now consider myself a Lifestyle Designer, not just an Interior Designer.


Kimberly Design Love