Secret Profits from Kindle PublishingSecret Profits from Kindle Publishing

Publishing Kindle books is all the rage right now. Everyone who wants to make money online is doing it. At least the smart ones are. The reason is that there are a lot more ways to make money with a Kindle book than simply from book sales.


Point to Your Other Products or Services

Your book is a good place to tell your audience more about you, the products and services that you offer, and how to find you. You can do this in the beginning or end of your book, but it should be in there someplace. It’s a good way to explain why you are the one to write this book at the same time giving you a way to let your audience find you in a new way.


List Other Books by You

At the end of your book a good thing to do is to list other books that you’ve written so that if they liked your book they can easily buy another one from you. Most authors do this, and you should too. One thing awesome about Kindle books is that you can easily edit a book after it’s published with barely a break in sales. So, even your very first book you can go back and add in each new book you publish to that list.


Give a Discount Code inside the Book

Making your reader feel like they are exclusive and getting something special is a fabulous way to reward them for buying your book. Within one of the chapters or at the end of the book add in a coupon code and a link to your website or a sales page for something that can help them use the information in the book better. This is also another way to collect their email address for email marketing.


Invite Readers to Sign up For your email List

Don’t just give them ways to sign up for your email list, ask them to sign up for your email list. Using your book as a call to action to sign up for more information is an excellent way to increase your income using your book as the entry point. Some people may already be list members and found your book that way, but others will have simply found it on Amazon without knowing who you are.


Connect With Readers on Social Media

Provide all your readers the information they need to find you on all your social media networks. Everyone likes getting their news in different ways providing your readers with all the social media networks of which you’re a part will give them the opportunity to find you, follow you, friend you and like you. Then, you’ll be able to happily interact with them, thus creating more profit after the sale of the book.


Ask for Feedback

At the end of the book ask the reader to rate your it on Amazon. The more people who write reviews and rate you the more likely it is that people will find your book. Many people won’t think to provide reviews without you asking them, so since they’re already reading, be sure you do ask.


It’s amazing what you can accomplish with publishing books on Kindle. But, when you start thinking about it, the sky is truly the limit when it comes to all the hidden profits in your Kindle books. You just have to use a little imagination and get busy.

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