presentationsI used to hate giving a presentation in front of a group of people. Just the thought, would cause me to lose sleep. Now I have come to enjoy giving presentations and sharing what I do with groups of people. In today’s high tech world, I have noticed that people really appreciate the up close and personal approach of public speaking. Your need to generate leads and sales is important but more important is how you can serve individuals.

Even with the onset of social media, there is no better way than public speaking to promote sales and leads. Everyone and anyone from beginners to experts are using social media and technology to generate leads; however, the public is growing weary of being so tied to their phones and computers.

Up Front and Personal

The next generation is showing a trend of desiring more social interaction – and not by texting or emailing either. Many individuals are becoming frustrated by the lack of social skills and manners that other individuals they interact with maintain.

People today are looking for that up front and personal contact. Ask anyone you meet on the street if they are frustrated at best with making a telephone call today. Any one of them are likely to reveal that they long for the day when they can speak to an actual person without having to press a half dozen numbers in order to do so.

When you give a presentation, you have the option to show your facial expressions, the inflection in your voice, and the enthusiasm of what or whom you are selling. Traditional advertising boards and social media are missing that key ingredient.

Reinforcing Your Message By Giving Presentations

After the event, you have the opportunity to speak with individuals that you may have noticed were unaffected with your presentation. This gives you a double opportunity to promote a future customer out of that individual.

By seeing an individual’s interest or non-interest, you can pick and choose who to follow up with in order to possibly gain a potential customer.

Provide Handouts

At a public presentation, you have the opportunity to give out handouts that outline your message or information about your product. Having something in print to go along with your dynamic speaking abilities will only reinforce the benefits of why that consumer needs your message or product in the first place. This can be a complete win/win situation.

As individuals all learn differently – some by listening, some by touching, and others by reading. This works to reach the customer on many more levels than just a simple ad or social media campaign.

Collect Business Cards

Always collect business cards when you give a presentation and follow up with people by connecting with them on social media platforms like LinkedIn or simply with a post card.

With so much competition out there, you will want to make sure that you cover all the bases for generating leads and sales. Public speaking does this on many levels.

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