“Help, I can’t understand my web designer. I called to ask him one question about the front page and I heard him answer with so many initials I felt  that I had alphabet soup poured over my head.” Has this ever happened to you?  Recently I was attending a conference and while meeting new folks I shared that I was a web designer. We continued talking about websites and the conference. As we were talking she said, “Wow! You are the first web designer that I could actually understand what you were talking about. Thanks for not using a bunch of jargon that I can’t understand.”  

So often web designers and many other professionals will talk to their friends and clients in a language full of techno babble that few can understand. I know I am guilty of this very thing.  My daughter and I were talking about colors and I responded with the hex code for the color rather than the name. “What the Heck!” I am making a conscious effort not to do that again.

I believe we can clear this up in less than a 12 step program.

Step 1 – Admit that You Have a Techno Jargon Problem

Step 2 – Access your audience. If all of your friends and family are in the same profession as you than go ahead and continue with your techno babble but most likely they will find it refreshing if you can quit.

Step 3 – Make a conscious effort to only speak in techno jargon with your techy friends.


Kimberly Design Love