I am wrapping up a course called the Internet Marketing Six Pack by Connie Ragen Green.

I am a self-taught web designer and online marketing professional. In this course, I realized a few mistakes that I had been making.

These were small mistakes but they were holding me back.

This class will help you if you are struggling with the following:

  • Finding Your Voice
  • Selecting the Right Niche
  • Knowing What Your Next Action Step Is to Take

Connie takes you step by step on building a profitable your online business. What I really love about this class is the fact that you can ask Connie questions. She gets back with an answer for you. So many classes leave you with burning questions after the course is completed. But Connie answers your questions either online or by email.

Connie is down to earth and no-nonsense in her approach. If you are serious about building a profitable online business, I encourage you to sign-up for this course today.  Click Here -> The Internet Marketing Six Pack 

Profitable Online Business

Here is the course outline of the modules:

The Six Modules In The Internet Marketing Six Pack Include…

Module 1Getting Started As An Online Entrepreneur

  • What is online marketing and entrepreneurship?
  • Why is it so important to build an online business?
  • What if I get started with this right away?
  • How do I set the wheels in motion?
  • Who does my target audience consist of?
  • Which streams of income are best right now?
  • Which business models fit my lifestyle?
  • What are the seven most profitable niches?

Module 2Two Perfect Business Models For New Online Entrepreneurs:
Affiliate Marketing And Information Products

  • Why everyone has ideas for info products already in their head
    How to get those ideas out of your head and into products
  • Your 10 Step Blueprint for information product creation
  • How to create a profitable, list building E-Courses
  • Getting started as an affiliate marketer
  • Becoming known as the trusted advisor in your niche
  • Turning your first $7 product into a $499 online course

Module 3Content Creation and Syndication

  • Why blogging is still the best strategy, and how to do it quickly
  • How to use social media to get your message to your target audience
  • How to place one piece of content on thousands of high-traffic sites
  • When to create short reports that will make your market trust you
  • How to publish as much content as you need in two hours a week

Module 4Credibility/Visibility/Joint Ventures

  • How to become well known in your niche in the next thirty days
  • Why list building is all about becoming a trusted advisor
  • How to generate targeted traffic on a daily basis
  • What it takes to gain expert status in your niche
  • Why this will become second nature to you in no time at all
  • How to get successful entrepreneurs to joint venture with me

Module 5Technology (This Will Be The Easiest And Most Fun Module – I Promise!)

  • Why you only need to learn a tiny bit of HTML code
  • How to use FTP to securely upload files in seconds
  • How to choose keyword rich domains for your sites
  • Which hosting companies are best for your needs
  • Why WordPress continues to be the best choice for entrepreneurs
  • How to set up Google Analytics in a simple, effective way

Module 6Next Steps/Advanced Models

  • Why authorship is the fastest path to entrepreneurial success
  • How to teach profitable online courses
  • When to start hosting live events
  • Why consulting and mentoring makes sense
  • How to scale up your business over time


  • Two one-on-one calls with me to discuss your specific situation and to set a course for the next thirty to ninety days for your new business.
  • My promise to market your first (or next) product to my entire list and community through your affiliate link. This will make me your very first Joint Venture partner!
  • Recommendations for technical assistance and other outsourcers from my personal Rolodex.

Click Here to Sign Up Today -> The Internet Marketing Six Pack 

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