Local Customers

Are you Wondering How to Find More Customers for Your Local Business?

Getting new clients & customers is a very important aspect to keeping any business going long term. Marketing never ends, and having a nice stream of new leads flowing through the doors is imperative. Today, local resources to find new customers exist both online and offline. However, as with any plan it’s important to understand who your target audience is, so that you can best target your audience via all the methods available to you.

1. Google+ Local Pages

Yes, this is on the net, but it’s also a local resource for you to use to acquire new clients and customers. Set up your local Google + Page, then participate fully in the experience and you’ll gain new customers.

2. Newspaper Advertisements

Some people consider this an old-fashioned method of advertising, but it can be very effective if your target audience looks at the newspaper. Most newspapers offer both online and offline advertising opportunities today.

3. Yellow Page Advertisements

Depending upon your target audience, you might want to consider taking advantage of Yellow Page advertisements or local “Yellow Book” advertising options, too. Research your audience to be sure that they use your Yellow Book or pages of choice before spending the money.

4. Local Press Release

Press releases are always great ways to market your business, but sometimes today business owners forget to release them locally – instead preferring to use the online sources like PR Web. Never underestimate the importance of developing local press contacts and releasing local press releases.

5. Recommendations and Referrals

Word-of-mouth marketing is still the preferred way that individuals find out about products and services. You can speed up this process by asking your clients to provide referrals and recommendations for you. They can post them on online services like LinkedIn.com, and by wearing T-shirts with your business name, or handing out your business card to friends and associates.

6. Social Media

Using social media to connect locally is a great way to find new clients. Most social media can be directed to the local area easily by enabling location GPS. Ask your connections to share with their connections and your network will grow exponentially.

7. Networking

If another business in your area services your client base with complementary products and services, offer to cross-promote via your network in exchange for them doing the same.

8. Blog

A good blog can be local and national. Creating a great local blog can go far in helping you get new clients and sell more goods and/or services. Blog as often as you can using the right search terms, and you may be shocked at how much business you’ll get.

9. YouTube.com

Become a local celebrity by creating YouTube videos with a local focus. It doesn’t matter that any given resources is on the net or off the net; you can focus in locally.

10. Local Groups

Join the chamber of commerce and any local groups, and then get involved. Don’t just join without participating. Participation is key with any marketing method today.

Remember that just because a method is “on the net” does not make it “not local.” All marketing can be focused locally with a simple use of appropriate keywords, as well as knowledge of the target market and where they are searching for your products and services.

Kimberly Design Love