I have re-launched and re-named my podcast. You can find it on iTunes and soon it will be showing up on other podcast players.
The new name is Design a Business You Love: Work Anywhere Strategies for Artists, Authors, & Entrepreneurs I am excited to get back into podcasting after a bit of a hiatus. I hope you enjoy the new look and format. The new format will be more solo episodes with a sprinkling of guests. I made this shift because I found that lifestyle design is simply too broad of a topic. So my new podcast will focus more on the business side especially for artists, authors, and entrepreneurs.

Here’s the transcript from my first episode: Why It’s Important To Design a Business You Love

Welcome to the “Design a Biz You Love” podcast, where we talk about strategies for creating a business that brings you joy and fulfillment. I’m your host Kimberly Love,  
Welcome to my beach cottage. My nickname is Kimberly Design Love because I’m always designing something. I have been a designer since the 90’s, working for some of the top architecture, interior design, cruise lines, and education companies doing design & marketing work.
For the last 10 years, I have been designing my own lifestyle and helping others design a life they love. Most recently, I have been able to realize my lifelong dream of moving to the beach. 
In today’s episode, we will explore why it’s crucial to design a business you love, not hate, and the five traits of a lifestyle business that allows you to work from anywhere.
Picture yourself sipping margaritas on a tropical beach while running a business that you adore. Doesn’t that sound amazing? That’s what designing a lifestyle business is all about. It’s not about working yourself to the bone and counting down the days until retirement. It’s about creating a business that you’re passionate about and that allows you to live life on your own terms.
One of the biggest reasons why it’s important to design a business you love is that you’ll be spending a significant amount of time working on it. If you hate your business, you’ll dread working on it, and it’ll feel like a chore. But if you love your business, you’ll wake up each day excited to tackle the day’s tasks.

Here are the five traits of a lifestyle business:

  1. It’s flexible: A lifestyle business allows you to work from anywhere, at any time. You’re not tied to a specific location or schedule, which means you can travel and enjoy life on your own terms.
  2. It’s scalable: A lifestyle business allows you to scale your income and work with a team. You’re not trading dollars for hours, which means you can earn more while working less.
  3. It’s fulfilling: A lifestyle business allows you to do work that you’re passionate about and that aligns with your values. You’re not just working for a paycheck; you’re making a positive impact on the world.
  4. It’s sustainable: A lifestyle business is designed for the long haul. It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme, but rather a business that can withstand the test of time and sometimes can be passed on to your loved ones. Also it’s sustainable for the environment, most lifestyle businesses don’t have a negative impact on the environment and some can even have a positive influence on the environment.
  5. It’s fun: A lifestyle business allows you to have fun and enjoy the journey. You’re not just focused on the end goal; you’re enjoying every step along the way.
So, how can you design a lifestyle business that checks all these boxes? It starts with finding what you’re passionate about and what skills you have that can be turned into a business. From there, you can create a plan that allows you to work from anywhere and scale your income.
Semi-retirement is also a possibility with a lifestyle business. You can design your business to require less of your time as it grows, allowing you to take more time off and enjoy life. Imagine being able to take a month-long vacation without worrying about your business falling apart. That’s the beauty of a lifestyle business.
Before we wrap up for today, I want you to know that you can design a business you love that’s fulfilling and enjoyable. Creating your lifestyle business that allows you to work from anywhere, scale your income, and have fun along the way is the key to achieving these dreams. So, are you ready to  get started today and design a biz you love?
I have an exercise for you. Take a few minutes to imagine your ideal business and what your ideal day would look like.
If you can write down your thoughts and feelings in your journal or app like Evernote. If you’re driving or walking, you can do this mentally and write it down later.

Dreaming of Your Ideal Business and an Ideal Day Exercise

Consider the following questions to help guide you:
  1. What does your ideal business look like to you?
  2. What products or services does it offer?
  3. How does your business make a positive impact on the world?
  4. Who are your ideal customers or clients?
  5. What kind of work do you do on a daily basis in your business?
  6. How much money do you earn from your business?
  7. How much time do you spend working on your business?
  8. What kind of support do you have in your business?
  9. Where are you working from?
  10. What does your ideal workday look like?
  11. What activities do you do on your ideal workday?
  12. What does your ideal play day look like?
  13. What activities do you do on your ideal play day?
As you write down your thoughts, allow yourself to dream big and let your imagination run wild. Don’t worry about practicalities or feasibility at this stage. Just focus on creating a vivid picture of your ideal business and ideal day.
That’s a wrap for today! Thanks for joining me on today’s podcast, if you enjoyed listening, please click the subscribe button on your favorite podcast player.  Tune in next time to the Design a Business You Love podcast to hear about the journey designing a business you love that’s fit for a tropical paradise. 
Until then, keep sipping on those umbrella drinks and soaking up the sun!
Kimberly Design Love