Why Finding My Purpose and Passion is Important to Designing a Lifestyle

Lately, I have been receiving random text messages that I read and wonder, “What was the sender’s purpose in sending me this text?”  They probably had some reason even if it was to converse with a stranger. Many of us wander through life without any reason or rhyme.

Why Finding My Purpose and Passion is Important

Today, let’s explore the notion of purpose and passion further. Saying to yourself, “Finding my purpose and passion is a worthy goal in itself.” Then living with purpose and passion can have a profound effect on your life.

It Gives Your Life Meaning

When you decide on your life’s purpose, it gives what you do a lot of meaning. Every step along the way, and all the work you do towards reaching your goals, serves to bring you one step closer. It becomes much easier to get things done when they are done with motivation and with a firm goal in mind.

It Creates A Value System

Designing your life with purpose also helps you define and set a system of core values that will guide you throughout the coming years. You don’t have to waste time and energy each day trying to figure out if what you’re doing is right or worth doing. As long as it aligns with your values, you know you’re on the right track. That gives you a lot of confidence in what you are doing.

It Increases Your Feeling Of Self Worth

When you are living with purpose and working towards a worthwhile goal, you take a lot of pride in what you do. With each passing day and each small step that you reach toward that goal, your sense of self-worth will also increase. Use that feeling to propel you through the next day and the next challenges ahead.

It Leads To Fulfillment and Happiness

Designing my life and finding my purpose and passion with purpose has been the most valuable thing I could do with my life. It gives life meaning and gives you a sense of self-worth and confidence leads to happiness. The true secret to a happy life is being completely fulfilled by the life you’re living.

We are social creatures who need to make a difference and have motivation, and a place in society. We may think that material things bring us happiness, but what truly matters is how meaningful, helpful, and purposeful what we do is. Don’t be surprised to notice a measurable increase in your overall happiness at the end of this month-long challenge or journey toward a purpose-driven life.

It’s Good For Your Mental And Physical Health

Last but not least, living with purpose is good for your health. Being needed, being helpful, and adding value to the lives of others have a measurable effect on both your physical and mental health. Living a purposeful life decreases your risk of heart disease and stroke, while it is also protecting you against depression. In fact, one of the best ways to fight depression is to find meaning and purpose in what you do each and every day.

DESIGNING My Lifestyle Finding Purpose and Passion

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