One thing that you can always count on in business is that it will evolve. You may have heard of Pinterest but you still may be asking yourself, “What is Pinterest ?” Business has changed to include the use of Pinterest. Keep reading to find out how this social tool can help your business grow.

What Is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a social site that is more of a tool for sharing the things and ideas that you love. Think of it as creating a vision board or a visual scrapbook. You can add images, articles, videos, links and whatever else you want (referred to as pins) to a virtual board.

People use Pinterest for a number of things. You can use it to plan a project. Pin pictures of the things you would like to include in the project. Have friends and family members comment on your ideas, or repin the ones that they like to their own boards.

Showcase items on your boards that speak to who you are and what your values are. If you are big into saving the environment, use Pinterest boards to let others know what projects you are working on or to highlight socially conscious companies.

Reach people from all walks of life with similar interests. Comment on the other boards and find images to enhance your own work.

Reasons to Use Pinterest for Your Business

Often, what is profitable for socializing is also profitable for a business venture. Many are skeptical about Pinterest. But, remember that they said the same thing about Facebook and Twitter. So, here are a few reasons why this social tool is good for your business.

  1. Shares your values – As an online company, people are usually not ready to trust you without knowing something about you. Use Pinterest to create an image board with a theme that lets visitors and customers in on who the person behind the name really is.
  2. Create an enticing profile – Other business owners are also looking at Pinterest for ideas and to find people to partner with. Your profile is the place to tell everything about your enterprise. Add vivid images, your logo and lots of description, including a tag line if you have one.
  3. Easy to share with others – Embed the Pin It bookmarklet on your website and blogs so that others can pin your images and articles with others. It can increase your following on Pinterest.
  4.  Showcase your products – What better place than a site that is big into images to let others see some of your biggest products available? But don’t just pin them to a board. Create a theme around them to increase the desire for the product.
  5. Better understand your client – You can encourage your clients to use Pinterest and have them create a mood board for an upcoming project that you’ll be working with them on.

There is business value in using Pinterest to help build your brand. We’ve just given you a few viable reasons why today is the day to set up an account.

Kimberly Design Love