Module 4: Launch Your Kindle Book for the Greatest Impact and Profit

Module 4 is really all about doing one final pre-launch check to make sure you haven’t missed a single opportunity to maximize the buzz: Then you’ll launch.

In this training module, your clients will step through the launch sequence:

  • 5 ways to build excitement on your home turf – and that includes making sure your website has that “lived in” feeling well ahead of time
  • How to create and use a launch calendar that will help you keep everything organized and stress free
  • 20 pre-launch tasks that will help ensure a successful career as a Kindle author
  • How to take advantage of Amazon’s “free” days to catapult your book to stardom
  • The one directory you can’t afford to ignore when promoting your book
  • Who (and when) to thank for their help – and who you should never mention
  • How to ensure your NEXT launch is even better than this one
  • How to garner reviews to help build anticipation
  • 4 places where you must submit press releases – including one most people ignore
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