Module 3: Money up Your Kindle Book for More Cash Now and Later 

While marketing and promotion are essential to spreading your reach as widely and accurately as possible to make more money from your Kindle book, there are two steps you shouldn’t skim over: Editing and formatting.

In this training module, your clients will learn:

  • The single most important aspect of your monetization strategy – miss this, and you might as well ignore everything else we’ve covered
  • 5 tips for better, more concise writing – master these and your readers will love you!
  • How to systematically edit your book and add the necessary monetization components – following this step-by-step plan will ensure you miss nothing
  • The one part of your book you should never do yourself – and what to do if you absolutely must
  • An 8-point checklist for getting the most out of your new book – including tips and tools you can use to complete each step
  • Your quick-start guide to using MS Word to format your Kindle book – and how to avoid the most common errors that will trip you up
  • Recommended font and paragraph settings for easy reading and a truly professional look
  • How to correctly create a table of contents
  • How to spot potential upsell opportunities in your book
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