Module 2: Design Your 24-7 Kindle Book Sales System

Don’t think of it in the lonely singular, as “my book that I am going to sell”: Think of it as “an important component in my 24-7 sales system”.

In this training module, your clients will learn:

  • 6 links that belong in every Kindle book you publish – including one that might surprise you.
  • 3 reasons to link to other people’s products or services – the majority of new authors get this dead wrong!
  • The must-have postscript every book needs – this is your key to future sales, so don’t skip this one!
  • 2 creative ways to pair YouTube with Kindle to grow your audience and make more sales.
  • 4 tips for to position your video better in the search results – including one you may not have considered
  • How to create a meaningful special offer to go along with your launch – and how to ensure it resonates with your audience
  • Why your book needs its own newsletter – and what type of content you must share, lest you risk annoying your most loyal fans
  • How to use Facebook groups to promote your book and get valuable feedback from readers

Having a solid monetization plan will ensure you don’t end up like a lot of Kindle authors: overworked and sorely underpaid. Follow the steps in module 2, and you’ll be off to a good start, and ready to tackle the next phase…

Kimberly Design Love