In March of 2020, I attended a huge conference called Podfest here in Orlando, FL. I enjoyed shaking hands with people I had only “met” online. Little did I know that right after that conference, shaking hands would become a big NO NO.

This COVID-19 crisis has radically changed our lives. Just a few months ago, we had no idea our ‘world’ would be stuck at home!

This crisis is a powerful reminder of how important freedom is – and how much we need human connection!

Remember you are not alone. Because what is DIFFERENT here is that everyone is impacted! Your neighbor, mom, boss and friends as well as your counterparts around the world are all going through something similar.

I have been gathering resources for my friends, clients, and family to help us get through this challenging time. I will be sharing 1 more each day on this blog post so please check this website frequently for new daily tips and advice.

I also created a challenge called the Quarantined Queen that you can join here.

Everything can be taken from a man but one thing: the last of the human freedoms – to choose one’s attitude in any given set of circumstances, to choose one’s own way. Viktor E. Frankl 

This is the challenge each of us must rise to! If we’re going to be confined at home, we may as well make the most of it.

Here Are Some Ways to Feel Happy Even while Being Stuck at Home

Day 1 – Create a Healthy, Supportive Routine

When we feel powerless or helpless (as so many of us do at the moment), one EXTREMELY easy thing to do is to create a routine or schedule.

While we’re all stuck in anxiously waiting at home, it’s easy to lose our sense of time. Days can begin to blend into each other. A routine can give us an anchor and greater sense of control over our lives. And if you have children, creating a routine is especially important to give them a sense of normality.

This routine or schedule can be as simple as:

  • 7am – Wake-up – Open your blinds and let some sunshine in to help you wake
  • 8am – Breakfast
  • 10am – Exercise
  • 11am – Talk to friends
  • 12.00pm – Lunch
  • 1-4pm – Learning or a home project
  • 5pm – Make & Eat Dinner
  • 7pm – Talk to close family
  • 8pm – Reading, Journaling
  • 10pm – Bed

Be sure to include food preparation, social time, exercise and outdoor time and some learning or creativity so you get some benefit from this challenging time.

It’s also important to recognize weekends because it’s too easy for weeks to blur together. So, make a looser schedule for your weekends. For example, you could include:

  • Sleeping in/later bedtime
  • Brunch
  • “Treats”
  • Movie night with popcorn
  • A virtual happy hour with friends or colleagues
  • A larger project, perhaps some art, craft, gardening or home redecoration.

So, create a morning launch routine and a soft evening landing routine for a sense of control and mastery over your environment and life circumstances. Reclaim what power you can over your own life, because with all this uncertainty it’s important for you – and especially important for children – to have predictability. We can be happy at home even while we are stuck at home.

Don’t Forget You Can Also Join the Quarantined Queen.

Day 2 – Nurture Yourself

We are still in the midst of the Coronavirus. Something that I keep hearing people complain about on social media is not being able to go to a salon and get pampered. Well here at the Love house, we are taking matters into our own hands and creating a spa experience at home. Honestly, it is kind of funny that we pay big money to have a mud bath and rocks laid on our back.
Since I have been stuck at home, I have been letting my hair grow wild and it has a few grays. My finger nails are natural and my toe nails have grown out nail polish.
My daughter, who is studying pharmacy has shared that my hair color causes cancer, my diet is bad for my gut, and my face needs snails crawling over it. She says that I should use snail’s mucus on my face to reduce wrinkles…. We have ordered some hair color from the HennaColor Lab,  some snail mucus, and I will be tasting some Kombucha. 
Oh boy! Things are going to get interesting around here. All I want to know, is if there will be any umbrella ☂ drinks served. YES! we will have umbrella 🍹 drinks! Here’s a picture of our home spa day. Home Spa Day

Day 3 – Build Your Physical Strength, Fitness Levels or Flexibility!

Building your physical strength is powerful and health-boosting! Not only is physical strength and flexibility life-affirming and good for our health, but feeling more physically powerful actually helps us feel more empowered and less helpless in life too!

So add some physical activity into your schedule – as little as 15 minutes daily. Maybe by the end of this you’ll be fitter or even be able to do 10 (or 100!) squats!

There are many options to boost your physical strength and health. Here are some ideas:

  • Take up a yoga practice – excellent for strength-building, flexibility – and calm! There are lots of online options. Here is one with everything from 10 minutes for beginners to an advanced practice. Sarah Beth Yoga on Youtube has more (free) yoga videos than I can count
  • Learn do a press-up or push-up. Then see if you can get to 10 (or more – depending on where you start)!
  • There are so many online fitness classes on Youtube – for beginners, experts – with equipment and also with no equipment whatsoever. PopSugar Fitness has many options to choose from.

My favorite form of exercise is walking. Initially, I was not getting out and walking now I am back at it everyday. Today I went to check my FITBIT and they gave me 90 days Free Woo Hoo !! We all need a break right now.

REMEMBER: BEing stronger = FEELING stronger and more in control!

And building your PHYSICAL strength or fitness = REDUCED feelings of helplessness!

Day 4 – Gain a New Skill with Online Learning

There are so many opportunities online to gain a new skill and they’re growing by the day!

Grow your personal or creative skills or choose a new skill to learn and take back to work with online training providers like Coursera or

I have been enjoying different art courses on Skillshare. I especially like the sketch courses that I can enjoy on my iPad Pro because I can start and stop them when I have an extra few minutes here or there in the day.

If there’s a skill you always wanted to learn, search for it. But be sure to read the course descriptions thoroughly, check reviews if there are any – and check money-back guarantees as you need to!

And with so many learning options ranging from FREE to tens dollars up to the Masters degree programs through Coursera, there will be something out there just perfect for you.

Day 5 – Learn with Non-Fiction Books:

I LOVE books and something fun that I I like to do is go to Barnes and Noble and get a cappuccino and read books. Since we can’t do that right now, I like to make a decaf coffee or hot chocolate with a K-Cup and take a reading break.

You can use this time at home to educate yourself with non-fiction books. There is so much to be gained – like self-confidence, negotiation skills, health (sleep, nutrition), how to have difficult conversations and much more.

What keeps you up at night? There’s probably a book about that! What do you wish you were better at? There’s probably a book about that too!

Here are some book ideas to get you thinking:

Be more confident and discover your strengths with “The Confidence Code: The Science and Art of Self-Assurance – What Women Should Know” by Katty Kay and Claire Shipman”

Reading one book will expand your mind, reading several of these books is going to make you more interesting, help you learn new skills – and maybe even make you more employable too!

Day 6 – Explore your Life Vision:

Rather than watching endless news streams, you can choose to focus on a bigger picture – your future. Here is my favorite t-shirt right now by Life is Good it’s called Turn off the News

Turn off the NewsTurn off the News


What do you want from the rest of your life? What would you be disappointed you did NOT do? Where do you envision yourself in 10 years?

Having a clear vision of how you want your life to be is a powerful motivator. A vision helps us work towards our goals, take action and make change. Soon, we’ll all be super-busy again – and a vision might be just what you need stay focused!

Here are 5 questions to ponder or journal around to go deeper:

  • What do you desire or yearn for in your life?
  • How do you want to feel?
  • What do you really, really want to be different in your life?
  • What would have happened in 3 years time such that your life is spectacular and you feel magnificent about yourself?
  • What’s your dream for this lifetime? Imagine you’re 90 years old and looking back over your life; what did you do that made you proud and happy?

Day 7 – Laugh

Distracting ourselves from our fears is a valid technique for feeling better!

Laughter releases helpful chemicals in our bloodstream – Endorphins (our natural “happy” drug) and Dopamine (part of our bodily “reward” system).

  • What are your favourite comedy shows?
  • Is there a comedian you like?
  • Netflix and similar have so many watching options, so find something that makes you laugh!
  • A couple of my current favorites are Mrs. Maisel on Amazon Prime and Grace & Frankie on Netflix.

IMPORTANT: We should NOT use over-use laughter as a distraction technique. And it shouldn’t be used for ongoing and persistent fears in regular life. But for a situation like this, where this isn’t much that any of us can do other than sit and wait – distraction can be a great coping mechanism.

Day 8 – Start a Journal! 

If you’ve always wanted to journal, now is a good time to start. More than just keeping a record of your day, a journal can help you explore and sift through your feelings and experiences and learn from them. It’s a great way to get to know you.

It’s great to choose a beautiful notebook, but the most important thing is to just get started. Here are some prompts to get started with:

  • Today I am feeling _________. I think this is because __________.
  • One big thing I have learned during this crisis is _________.
  • I remember the last time I was stuck in the house _________.
  • One thing that’s surprised me recently is _________.
  • What matters most to me in life is _________.
  • Describe your ideal day _________.

“A journal is expressive by nature and it contains feelings, emotions, problems,

ponderings and it is more reflective on the meaning of life being lived.”

Lynda Monk

Day 9 –  Help Others

Helping others is empowering and makes us feel better. Here are a few ways you could help others.

  • Check in on a neighbour or friend and see if they need anything. You can do this by phone, or in person, remembering to maintain a 6 feet distance.
  • Offer to get someone groceries if you’re going.
  • Help someone less technically savvy learn how to use Zoom or WhatsApp or whatever they need to get online.
  • Host a virtual get-together with your regular friends.
  • Reconnect more deeply with friends or relatives who have moved away.

Day 10 – Be Kind!

Kindness and compassion are one of the most powerful tools any of us have in our toolbox right now. Many of us are largely housebound, never mind the fear that you or a loved on might actually catch the COVID virus! So, of course we’re going to feel unpleasant and weird.

  • Use kindness to comfort yourself when afraid or feeling anxious or fidgety. Be gentle. Imagine you’re soothing a friend, small child or animal who is afraid – what would you say to them? Then say that to yourself!
  • Use kindness to give yourself – and others – the benefit or the doubt. Instead of getting upset when you see other people behaving badly, remember that we all do silly things when we’re scared.
  • Imagine you have a kind, wise self. A part of you that is unflappable, intelligent and unconditionally loves ALL of you. Now, when you need it, imagine that kind, wise self is with you, supporting you, maybe giving you a hug – and saying exactly what you need to hear (not just the sugary stuff, but also the tough love and common sense).
Kimberly Design Love