I live very close to Disney’s Magic Kingdom so I am constantly reminded of Walt Disney’s Dream. As a kid, Disney was called a day-dreamer by his teachers. He loved to clown around and had a hard time staying focused. The good news is Walt never stopped being a dreamer. It’s time for you to start dreaming & goal setting like Walt Disney.

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” Walt Disney

It all starts with a dream. You have to see, visualize, or even just hope that you can reach a certain goal. No matter what your goal is. It could be losing 25 pounds or to stop smoking. It could be finding a new job that brings you joy. Or it could be getting a raise and being able to buy a house. It doesn’t matter what you want to change or where you want to go, you need a goal.

Start Dreaming

Think about what you want to change. Don’t be afraid to dream big. Big goals are good. Ridiculously big goals are even better. You may not even reach them in the end, but you’ll try hard and end up much closer than you dreamed possible.

It helps to focus on one goal at a time. At this stage, feel free to brainstorm. Come up with all sorts of fun dreams and goals. They can be related like improving your health, losing weight, and getting back into shape for example, or they can be unrelated like quitting smoking and moving up the corporate ladder. Dream big and come up with some lofty goals. Write them down in a notebook or in Evernote. Keep them somewhere safe.

Start Goal Setting

Next, decide what you want to tackle first. It’s hard to keep up and stick to your goals when you’re working on too many different things. Instead, pick one goal and work on that. When you’ve reached that goal or at the very least are comfortable with the changes you’ve made in your life as a result, you can come back to your box or notebook and pick another goal. For now, choose one.

It doesn’t matter how you choose. It could be the most important goal on your list. Or if that sounds too daunting, pick the most fun one, or the one that will be easiest to reach. The important part is that you choose one.

Then write it down. Commit to reaching your goal in writing. Words have a lot of power. Use it!

Start Dreaming and Goal Setting

Here is a fun picture of my son meeting Walt Disney before he started working as a Disney Lifeguard.

I’m author Kimberly Design Love, and I am on an epic quest to help more dreamers like you and me reach their big lofty goals. Let’s dare to set forth “Dream Goals” that go beyond the ordinary and design a lifestyle we love. Yes, you can! I have put together a guide book called the Dreamer’s Guide to Goal Setting and I am putting together a fresh new course all about goal setting to go along with it. Pick up your copy of the Dreamer’s Guide to Goal Setting today and I will let you know when the new course is ready. 

Kimberly Design Love