Let’s try a Fresh Approach to Simple New Year’s Resolutions

Are you setting simple New Year’s Resolutions? or Dream Goals for the New Year? Every New Year, many of us find ourselves contemplating resolutions — promises to improve our lives and embrace positive change. However, instead of the usual array of resolutions, let’s take a different path this year. Let’s set “Dream Goals” that not only inspire change but transform our aspirations into reality. Let’s dare to set forth “Dream Goals” that go beyond the ordinary and not only kindle the flame of change but also breathe new life into our loftiest goals.

Did you make a Simple New Year’s Resolution this year? Why not ditch the resolutions this year and set some dream goals you want to reach instead? There are a couple of reasons why resolutions may not work well for you. If they do, great. Keep doing what you’re doing, but if they don’t then read on. We’re so used to breaking our resolutions, that we start to think it is okay to try a little and then give up. It’s a mindset thing. A goal on the other hand, particularly if it’s a DREAM goal (more on that in a minute), is something we believe we can reach. That makes us work a little harder and not give up on the end goal.

1. Dream Big, Start Small

Simple New Year's Resolutions or Dream Goals for the New Year

Rather than focusing on simple New Year’s resolutions that often feel like daunting tasks, let’s dream big. Envision the life you truly desire. Then, break those dreams into small, actionable steps. This approach not only fuels your passion but also makes the journey more manageable.

Resolutions tend to be pretty vague. You want to lose weight, get back in shape, stop smoking, or make more money. None of that is very specific. How much weight do you want to lose and in what time frame? When do you want to quit smoking and how are you going to get there? What does it mean to you to be in shape? How much money do you want to have in the bank and what do you want to save it up for?

2. Define Your Mission

Resolutions can sometimes lack a clear vision and mission. Dream goals, on the other hand, prompt us to define the life we want to live. Ask yourself: What does success look like? What are the key elements of a life you love? These answers become the guiding stars for your journey.

3. Embrace Your Passions

Traditional resolutions may focus on fixing perceived flaws. Instead, let’s center our goals around our passions. Whether it’s pursuing a hobby, starting a creative project, or exploring new interests, aligning our goals with our passions adds a layer of joy to the journey.

4. Set Ambitious, Yet Achievable Goals

Dream goals encourage us to reach for the stars while staying grounded in reality. Set goals that excite you, but ensure they are achievable with dedication and effort. This balance creates a roadmap that is both inspiring and attainable.

Imagine your dream goals as destinations on a thrilling travel adventure. They beckon you with the promise of discovery and excitement, encouraging you to set your sights on breathtaking horizons. Just like any adventurous journey, however, it’s crucial to strike a balance between audacious exploration and grounded navigation.

  • Choose Exciting Destinations:
    • Your dream goals are the alluring destinations on your travel map. Select places that evoke enthusiasm and fascination. These destinations should fill your journey with anticipation and make every step of the way worthwhile.
  • Check the Roadmap:
    • While the allure of distant lands may be captivating, ensure that your travel map is realistic and well-crafted. Dream big, but let your roadmap be a reliable guide, outlining achievable routes to your chosen destinations. A well-planned itinerary ensures you won’t lose your way in the excitement of exploration.
  • Plot Travel Milestones:
    • Break down your ambitious goals into travel milestones. Think of these as noteworthy stops along your journey. Each milestone is a checkpoint that adds depth to your adventure and allows you to savor the progress you’re making.
  • Navigate Travel Challenges:
    • Every travel adventure comes with its challenges—unfamiliar terrains, unexpected detours, or weathered paths. Anticipate these challenges, equip yourself with the skills needed to navigate them, and embrace the unpredictable nature of your journey.

5. Transform Simple New Year resolutions & Create a Roadmap, Not Restrictions

Resolutions often carry a sense of restriction. Dream goals, however, are about creating a roadmap to your ideal life. Craft a plan that accommodates your dreams, allowing flexibility and adaptability as you progress.

In essence, by transforming simple New Year’s Resolutions into dream goals, you’re not just creating a checklist; you’re crafting a personalized roadmap to a life you genuinely desire. It’s about simplicity, progress, and the freedom to design a journey that reflects your unique aspirations. As you step into the new year, let your dream goals guide you toward a future filled with purpose, fulfillment, and the joy of the journey itself.

6. Cultivate a Growth Mindset

Dreams inherently encourage growth. Instead of resolutions that may feel like tasks, adopt a growth mindset. See challenges as opportunities to learn and evolve. Each step, whether a success or a setback, contributes to your journey.

7. Celebrate Milestones and Progress

Traditional resolutions might emphasize the finish line. Dream goals are about enjoying the journey and creating a new lifestyle that supports you & your goals. Celebrate milestones, no matter how small, and recognize the progress you’re making. This positive reinforcement fuels your motivation.

In conclusion, this New Year, let’s shift our focus from simple New Year’s resolutions to dream goals. Let’s paint a vivid picture of the life we desire and take intentional steps toward it. Remember, the journey is as important as the destination, and by setting dream goals, we’re crafting a path that is both purposeful and fulfilling. Here’s to a New Year filled with dreams realized and goals achieved!

I’m author Kimberly Design Love, and I am on an epic quest to help more dreamers like you and me reach their big lofty goals. Let’s dare to set forth “Dream Goals” that go beyond the ordinary and design a lifestyle we love. Yes, you can! I have put together a guide book called the Dreamer’s Guide to Goal Setting and I am putting together a fresh new course all about goal setting to go along with it. Pick up your copy of the Dreamer’s Guide to Goal Setting today and I will let you know when the new course is ready. 

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