Reasons to Self-Publish a Book on Amazon KindleOne of the best ways to design your lifestyle is to write and self-publish a book on Amazon Kindle. I published my first book in 2015 called the Power of Content Marketing. I wrote this book because I wanted to answer the questions that people were asking me about what kind of content to put on their websites. Currently, I am working on my second book.

Becoming an Amazon Kindle author will help you far more than just the revenue you can earn. Being a published author has always carried with it perks that some were locked out of. But now with Kindle Direct Publishing, you too can take part in what most authors have always known publishing can do for them.

1. Community Building

Being a published author can help you build your community larger than before and turn the community you have into raving fans. By cross promoting your online real estate, like your blog to your book readers, you will introduce them to your work in a new way. By telling your blog visitors about your eBooks, you’ll get new respect.

2. Establish Deeper Relationships

A book can be a more cohesive way to tell your story, to get the word out about something you’re passionate about that is more than a sound bite. A Kindle book can be as long as it needs to be to explain to your reader about who you are, what you do, why you do it and what’s in it for them.

3. Become an Authority in Your Niche by Self-Publish a Book

Having enough material for a Kindle Book or a series of Kindle books makes you into an instant authority figure within your niche. Creating a well put together, well researched and designed Kindle book will raise your authority status faster than most other means.

4. Get Recognition and Awards

Some people don’t realize that if you publish a Kindle book and make great sales, and enter some contests you can also win publishing awards just like people do with the big publishers. This type of recognition can get you more response than you might think.

5. Get Known Outside Your Current Circle

Due to the way Amazon promotes books, you can find some of your audience via Kindle who have never heard of you otherwise. It’s yet another way to promote your products and services that should not be passed up. Just like you wouldn’t pass up being on any social media that exists where your audience goes, you should not pass up being on Kindle where your audience is looking for eBooks and information about your niche.

You’ll be able to reach more people than you ever thought possible via your Kindle Books. If you use the Kindle Select program your book can be loaned and you’ll still earn money. So that makes it even more likely that you’re going to be discovered. Many speakers, coaches and service providers use their books to prove expertise. They may not have been able to establish with traditional publishing.

Currently, I am giving away a planner called Brainstorm Your Book. In it, you can plan your next book just like I am right now.  Just fill in the box below.

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