Motivation is the key to reaching any goal. Motivation though, isn’t a constant thing. It ebbs and flows like the tide. You’ll have periods of high energy where you’re very productive, and times when you are lethargic and work is very difficult. The temptation to quit can be strong when your motivation ebbs. The key is to stick with it and the flow will come back.

Follow these tips to navigate through the ebbs and flows of motivation.

Overcoming Ebbs in Motivation

Eliminate Distractions

Minimize and eliminate distractions and other obstacles. Everyone has distractions, no matter how organized they are. Unhealthy food in the refrigerator distracting us when we are dieting is one example. Get rid of the easy access distractions and temptations in order to keep yourself on the right path.

Notice What Sidetracks You

Take note of what gets you off track. What caused the lapse? Figure out how to remove an obstacle or reduce its effect on your progress.

Visualize Your End Goal

Visualize your end result again. Sit down and think about every detail of your goal. For example, if you are going to write a novel, visualize yourself writing every scene and character, finishing the book and sending it to the publisher. I recently read the Introvert Entrepreneur by Beth Buelow. She said that one of the things she did to keep herself motivated to write was to have her book cover designed. She printed the cover and wrapped it around another book. She displayed it proudly in her work space and reminded herself daily that the book exists she simply needed to type it.

Turn Negatives into Positives

Replace negative thoughts with positive ones. When your motivation ebbs, you might have a tendency to think negative thoughts, like “I can’t do this” or “this is too difficult.” When you find yourself doing this, try to squash those thoughts and replace them with positive ones.

Get Excited

Find a way to get excited again. What was it about the goal that got you excited in the beginning? Try to build on that to get through the ebb in motivation.

Read Success Stories

Read about others who are achieving the same goal as you. Reading about it can inspire and re-energize you.

Talk it Out

Talk to friends and mentors when you hit a low spot. Find others who will cheer you on and help you get motivated again.

Build on Past Success

Build on your past successes. Each little step you’ve achieved takes you closer to your goal. Look at each success to get you to the next level.Go back and look at the progress you’ve made so far to help you keep going.

Have a Plan for Bad Days

Plan in advance what to do when obstacles arise. Make a list of things that re-energize you to take action again. For examples:

  • Reread your list of reasons why you are going for your goal.
  • Make a green smoothie.
  • Take a walk
  • Take your laptop to Starbucks and work

Get a Coach

Brainstorm new or more interesting ways to proceed towards your target when you become discouraged. Get help from a coach or accountability partner to guide you.

Reward Yourself

Reward yourself when you hit a target or mini-goal. Rewards are something you can look forward to. By breaking your goal into small tasks and rewarding yourself when you reach each one, you are less likely to become overwhelmed.

Motivation is necessary when you want to reach a specific goal. But your motivation won’t be a constant thing. It will have many ebbs and flows along the way. Follow the above tips to help you get through the low times and enjoy the flows.

Motivation - Navigating the Ebbs & Flows

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