Understanding Why Your Local Business Needs Both Online and Offline Marketing

It’s imperative for business owners to realize how the marketing landscape has changed in the past few years. In some cases newspapers have cut paper circulation to just weekends, or out entirely. Smartphone and tablet technology has given the power of computing and internet search to those who normally would not be interested. Offline businesses need to market both online and offline for one reason: You need to be where your customers are.

Every business needs to conduct marketing in places where their target audience is. If you have a local business, your audience is reading the local paper as well as conducting searches on the net using their PCs or smartphones. Because of this, you need to market both online and offline in order to reach all of your audience where they are.

Local Businesses

Local businesses need both online and offline marketing and by using both sources you will:

Increase Your Visibility

People need to know you exist. Your website establishes online visibility; your store establishes offline visibility – but so do other activities online and offline.

Online: Website, blog, discussion boards, social media, article marketing, online interviews
Offline: Your store, the newspaper, radio, TV, events

Establish Credibility

People need to understand why you are the source to get your product or service. They need to see you as a creditable expert in your niche.

Online: Website, blog, discussion boards, social media, online interviews
Offline: Event sponsoring, speaking, endorsements, certifications, awards

Get More Leads

The entire point of marketing is to get more leads. Right? It doesn’t really matter if you got the leads online or offline; the more leads you can get the better.

Online: SEO local Website, blog, discussion boards, social media, online interviews, landing pages, press releases
Offline: Press releases, Location Location Location, along with being ready for new customers

You can accomplish a lot online. By having a locally optimized website and participating in the online community where your customers are, you’ll garner a lot more leads than just focusing on one over the other. Yet, online marketing cannot replace all traditional marketing for your offline business. You still need an attractive store front, as well as a great location and presence at local events, in the local paper and on local media to stay connected with your local audience.

By coordinating both online and offline marketing you’ll have a combination marketing strategy that works even harder to maximize your profit. Use QR codes locally to drive traffic to your website and social media sites. Use your website and local listings to drive traffic to your stores. Use press releases to create buzz locally as well as online for any local events that you’re taking part in or sponsoring.

By creating complementary campaigns that work in conjunction, you’re putting to work the best of both worlds that will have a major impact on your business. You’ll promote your products and/or services, increase exposure to your market, and strengthen your brand when you’re in both places. Tie online and offline together to create the ultimate marketing plan for your offline business.

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