Goals & Dreams

Are Goals and Dreams Dancing in Your Head?

This holiday season, instead of visions of sugar plums dancing in my head, goals and dreams have been dancing in my head.

Yesterday, my daughter came home from school with an assignment that had her all in a tizzy.

Her teacher had asked her to make a list of all the goals she wanted to accomplish before she was 50 years old. I said, “Oh that sounds like fun!” Part of me was thinking, that I wish I had made a list like that when I was 14 years old.

We got started on her assignment and I was impressed with how practical she was in her thinking. She had listed things like: Learn to drive a stick shift and understand proper food and wine pairings (she wants to be a chef.)  I said, “Ok now we should include some fun things. How about watching a lantern festival? or visiting Niagara Falls?

The best part of the assignment is that she realized she did not have to achieve all her goals in one year. She had many great years ahead of her.

Are you wondering how you can set the right goals for your life? And how to achieve them?

Do you worry that the wrong move can set you back for a lifetime?

Are you paralyzed with fear about setting goals, with thoughts like “What if I can’t make them happen?”

Now is the time to take action! 

Imagine a year from now…

You’re looking back on your year thinking to
yourself: “What an AWESOME year I’ve had!”

Goals in all areas of your life were getting
ticked off your list.

Health goals. Financial goals. Relationship goals. & Fun Goals!

Goals you’d been trying to accomplish for years. Finally
behind you.


Kimberly Design Love