Whether you’re starting a side hustle business or a new business, You Can Get Your Business Off the Ground.

You will love this new planner, Design Your Business Quick Start Guide

Design Your Business Quick Start Guide

When I started my business, I would have loved to have a planner like this to guide me in what to do next. I created this to help you on your journey into entrepreneurship.

So…you’re tired of working for a big boss in a corporate environment where you don’t feel appreciated or you have lost your corporate job and you want to put your talents to better use in your own business. 

Kudos to you for coming to that realization! 

Now is the time to find a quiet place this weekend where you won’t be interrupted and put your planning hat on to figure out the best strategy for building this new business.

Have you been daydreaming about your newfound freedom and how wonderful it will be to be responsible only for yourself?   Becoming a solopreneur or freelancer who is responsible for marketing, customer retention, and getting the work done properly (and on time!) is not just a daydream.

This planner is meant to exercise that brain of yours, to be creative, to dig deep to uncover your unique qualifications for starting this business, and to discover who your Dream Client is.

Here’s an Excerpt for You:

Step 1: From Favorite Hobby to Lucrative Business 

“Do what you love and the money will follow,” is never more true than when it comes to a business. And it’s especially true for those who love to code or design or even hang out on Instagram all day.

And isn’t it common sense that if you enjoy what you do, you’ll WANT to get to work right away when you wake up? Whereas if you’re trying to force a business out of something you hate, you’ll find yourself procrastinating and not doing your best, which certainly won’t win you any clients.

It’s time to brainstorm. Don’t allow yourself to edit, that will come later. When you start out you can sit and just write down any and all ideas that come to mind of things you’d love to get paid for. You have the choice to do a massive brain dump, where every idea gets thrown onto the page to be sorted later; or you can split up your ideas into categories, such as hobbies, or tasks you do at your current job.

In the end, it doesn’t matter what your brainstorming list looks like; it’s much more important that you take the time to explore these ideas and dream BIG!

Here are the 12 Steps to Business Quick Start

  • Step 1: From Favorite Hobby to Lucrative Business
  • Step 2: Don’t Get Stuck With an Unsustainable Business
  • Step 3: Get to Know Your Dream Client 
  • Step 4: Scope Out the Competition
  • Step 5: Review Your Competition’s Best Offers  
  • Step 6: Know Your Unique Selling Proposition
  • Step 7: Your Brilliant Brand 
  • Step 8: Build Your Infrastructure
  • Step 9: Design Your Service Packages 
  • Step 10: Roll Out The Welcome Mat
  • Step 11: Your “Back of the Napkin” Marketing Plan
  • Step 12: And it’s Go Time!

Don’t Get Stuck!

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Design Your Business Quick Start Guide

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