Most of us are spending more time at home because of the pandemic. How can you create a sanctuary in your home?

Create a Sanctuary in Your Home

1. Appreciate Your Space by De-Cluttering

Start by appreciating the space you have around you. I love this quote by Walt Whitman about space.

“To me every cubic inch of space is a miracle.” Walt Whitman

If you think about space, you realize that the space we occupy is a miracle. This space on planet Earth is a miracle. The fact that we have gravity to hold us to the planet is a miracle. Whatever space you are living inside is a miracle. As we design our lifestyles, the spaces that we occupy become more important.

If your space is full of clutter, chaos, and noise it can become difficult to do the work that you are meant to do.

De-cluttering is the first and most important step in making sure your home is a place of calm and relaxation. When the rooms are in disarray and there is clutter everywhere, it’s very hard to feel at peace. Start by taking note of anything and everything that hasn’t been used in the last 6 months – the magazines collecting dust on the coffee table, the treadmill in the basement or the clothes hanging useless in your closet. Start donating or pitching things that aren’t of use or better yet, have a yard sale and make a little extra cash off your clutter. It may take a little work but by the time you’re done, you’ll feel like a weight has lifted, uncovering a brand new space.

2. Consider Your Senses

Author Jay Shetti, recently shared that we need to be conscious of our 3 senses. Sight, Sound, and Smell in our home.

What you see, smell, and hear in important. I would expand this to include feel and taste as well.

Our home is a place to care for all of our senses. As many of us are now working from home, we are more conscious about our space. Look around the space and consider each of the senses even your sixth sense gets involved. When I think of the sixth sense, I think of the feelings of love, safety, peace and harmony within the home.

Scents and Smells: You want your space to be friendly on the eyes and the nose. Use natural scents throughout a house – freshly cut flowers, herbs, or aromatherapy oils are a great place to start. You don’t want to overwhelm the senses, so just keep it simple. Place some fresh lavender around the home or open the windows and let the sweet smell of the lilac bush next door fill the room. Bringing in those natural scents will help to create a soothing space that shifts the mood and makes you want to kick up your feet and stay awhile. Be sure to avoid synthetic scents such as air fresheners, plug ins, wax melts and candles that contain paraffin – these are known to be toxic and have no place in your personal oasis.

Music: Simply turning on some soft music can change enlighten your senses. My oldest son used to have trouble concentrating on his homework. He would ask me to play some “Panera” music which meant classical music. You can even find sounds of the coffee shop on Pandora if that enhances your mood.

Your home should be your own personal oasis, the place you come to relax, unwind and briefly forget the outside world. Too often, however, the place we spend the majority of our time in, is a source of anxiety in itself. When you start to feel uncomfortable in your own home, it may be time for a change. Here are some simple ways you can create a sanctuary that makes you want to embrace where you live, not run away from it.

3. Bring in Nature to Create a Sanctuary in Your Home

Flowers and greenery aren’t only for the great outdoors. They can add a soothing element to your space and keep your home feeling serene and beautiful. Create your very own indoor garden with plants of different shapes and sizes spaced throughout your home. You can have hanging plants from the ceiling, fresh herbs in the windowsill, or cacti on the coffee table. Bringing nature inside is also great for your health. Houseplants not only help to reduce stress and anxiety but also remove toxins from the air you breathe. That’s more than enough reason to go shopping for some greenery today.

4. Add Some Lighting to Create a Sanctuary in Your Home

When you want to create a cozy oasis within your own home, lighting is everything. Allow as much natural light in as possible during the day. Open curtains, roll up the blinds and let that sunshine in. This is especially important during those times of the year when it’s too cold to get out and soak up some vitamin D. For a cozy, evening atmosphere try adding dimmers to your light switches, throw some string lights up on the wall (my personal fave) or the soft lighting from table lamps. With one flick of a switch, you can turn any room into a relaxing retreat. 

You home should not be a source of stress, but rather a place where you want to come relax and unwind. Try a few of these tips to create a sanctuary in your home and turn it  into a personal retreat that will briefly make the outside world seem to fade away.



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