Every single act of change – wanted or unwanted, good or bad, joy or woe, better or worse – all include one glorious thing… Choices. Choices equal change and therefore change is good thing! I have always loved this poem below by William Blake. It illustrates how happiness and sadness are intricately woven through out our life. We can not avoid sad times we must move through them.

Joy and woe are woven fine,

A clothing for the soul divine,

Under every grief and pine,

Runs a joy with silken twine.

It is right it should be so,

We were made for joy and woe,

And when this we rightly know,

Through the world we safely go.

by William Blake
Change is Good

Change is good when it brings choices that can amplify the experience. Some choices are subtle, and some are bold. Regardless of their magnitude, they provide a sense of power even if it leaves you with feelings of powerlessness. 

The power of choices when Change is Good

When you are seeking change, anything is possible. You can make any choice that lights your fire. From choosing a new career path to a new hairstyle, you can get excited about the changes. One of the reasons change feels so groovy is due to the choices you are making. 

  • Choosing what you prefer builds confidence
  • Making a positive change increases happiness
  • Welcome changes restore your personal satisfaction
  • Positive change is validating

When you are making your own choices and getting the results you want, your happiness increases. Your personal satisfaction grows, and you begin to feel more confident. The more changes you make, the more likely you are to feel a sense of accomplishment and that you are comfortable in your own skin, your own home, and your career. Any area that you emphasize will directly affect your sense of satisfaction. 

The power of choices when change isn’t welcome 

Changes that happen to you without your consent can feel like an assault or, at the very least, like you’ve been blindsided. The happy news is, you still have choices. How you react to the adjustments, the opportunities that you seize, and the direction you go are all your choices to make. 

  • Choosing how you handle negative changes takes back your power
  • Making tough choices during a bad transition builds inner strength
  • Managing unwelcome changes makes you stronger
  • Overcoming difficult adjustments builds your resiliency 

What may have been meant to knock you to your knees can be managed if you choose to take action and take control. You may feel horrible for what is happening and simultaneously feel amazing because you are taking care of things and surviving… even thriving under the circumstances. Going through difficult times offers opportunities to become braver, stronger, and more resilient than you ever thought you could be. 

Change is good because both, positive and negative change offers us a choice. When it is part of your equation, look at the choices you have before you and enjoy taking control and making the most of every change you have. 

For those of us dealing with a lot of changes this fall, I found this T-shirt by Life is Good. Whatever challenges, that you are dealing with this Fall, I encourage you to embrace it and the good that can flow from it.

Change is Good

When I first saw this T-shirt, I wanted to change the text from “Change is Good”  to “Change is Sad”. Change can be sad. Three recent deaths for me to deal with have been sad. But change can be good as well a shift from season to season and a time of reflection on all the good in our lives that we have.  As an affiliate of Life is Good, I receive coupon codes that I can share with you, my readers. So if you would like a reminder that Change is Good, please click here.


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