How to Break Down Your Big Audacious Goals into Steps and Tasks

Steps and Tasks

It’s easy to get overwhelmed when you have Big Audacious Goals that you have set for yourself. So much so that I don’t even know where to start.

Have you ever had guests over and set out snacks for them to eat like sausage or a big wedge of cheese? You go about your way setting things up and look over to see no one has enjoyed the sausage and cheese. You forgot to set out a knife.

So it’s time to slice the salami on your big goals!

No matter how big or small your goal is it will take several (or many) steps to reach it. Maybe it’s a small goal that only takes a handful of tasks to complete. Or maybe it’s a big goal that takes you in many different directions and has you juggling different parts all at once. No matter how big or small, all goals benefit from being broken down into individual steps and tasks. Get out a piece of paper and start breaking it down. You can break things down into smaller time chunks, or things you need to do. Let’s look at a weight loss example. Let’s say you want to lose 25 pounds. You could break it down into losing one pound at a time. Or you could break it down into making smarter food choices and exercising one day at a time. You could also break it down into different strategies like drinking more water (and making that a habit), finding fun new workouts, eating more greens, going low carb etc.

Break Down the Steps and Tasks

Come up with a step by step system or list of tasks that not only makes sense to you, but also makes it easy to make progress. If you need to break the goal up into bigger chunks and then work on each of those chunks and break them into manageable tasks. For example, buying a house for the first time can seem like a pretty daunting goal. Break it up into dealing with a realtor, dealing with the bank, and deciding what you want in a house. Looking at each of those “sub-goals” separately it becomes easier to see the steps and tasks it will take to move in the right direction. Speaking of moving in the right direction… sometimes our goals are so far away from our current reality that we don’t even know exactly what all our steps will be. That’s ok too. You know your end goal and you know where you’re at right now. You should also have an idea of what your first few steps or tasks should be. Start there and then keep adding more as you figure out what you need to do next.

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