Yesterday, I had to go to the doctor’s office & I felt like Monk.

I love the series called Monk with Tony Shalhoub and I own a set of the DVDs of Monk. Here’s why I love this show:

Monk Blessing and a Curse

1. I enjoy mysteries but hate gory shows.

2. I love how they use comedy to give us a giggle about our fears and phobias.

3. I love watching it whenever I am going through a difficult time because no matter what it is I am going through, I am never as bad off as Monk. His phrase, “It’s a blessing and a curse.” resonates with me on multiple levels. So often the things that get us down or make us feel cursed, turn out to be a blessing.

It’s a Blessing and a Curse 

We all chuckled at Monk’s fear of germs but when Covid19 hit the fear became very real. Of course, there’s nothing funny about Covid19 but perhaps we can see some blessings. For me, the pandemic forced me to really focus on what I really wanted and where I wanted to be.

At the beginning of the pandemic, I put together a challenge called The Quarantined Queen Challenge. While sitting in the doctor’s office over a year later, wearing my mask, listening to several ladies who were very upset about the pandemic, I realized that The Quarantined Queen Challenge can still help a lot of ladies who are dealing with the pandemic. I have moved it to Teachable and I have made it free to anyone who wants to take the challenge.

The Quarantined Queen

If you joined my community when I first ran this challenge, thank you.

You are welcome to join again through my new link & have access to the videos and goodies over in its new home. Feel free to share this link with a friend who may need this challenge.

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