You’re probably familiar with using a vision board as a tool for keeping your dreams and goals in mind. But did you know that you can use a vision board in a variety of ways, depending on your needs? In fact, you might even want to have more than one vision boards for goals of business planning, lifestyle, vacation, home buying or home decor, relationships, and client attracting. Vision boards keep your dreams for the various areas of your life and business clear. I often create a mood board for my design clients. It helps me and the client stay on track with further content that we add to the project. The beauty of creating these digitally means that you don’t have to carry your boards around. Vision Boards for Goals

Let’s Take a Look at 5 Ways to use Vision Boards for Goals

Business Planning

Vision Boards for Goals of Business This vision board is where you’ll keep track of why and how you do what you do. You started your business for a reason—your “why.” But somewhere along the way, many of us lose sight of this goal. A business planning vision board can help keep us on track. On it, you’ll keep images that represent your ideal business, such as working from the beach, speaking in front of a large crowd, achieving bestseller status with your latest book, or even a big fancy office if that’s your thing.

Dreamy Vision Boards for Lifestyle Design

Vision Boards for Goals Where do you want to be in five, ten, or twenty years? That’s not just a question from a bad job interview, it’s a critical consideration for anyone who wants to live a life of purpose and meaning, and a dream board is a perfect tool for staying on track. These vision boards for goals are in a constant state of change. As your life goals change and grow, so will your vision board. Maybe you no longer want to live in Paris. That’s ok. Replace the city of lights with a relaxing mountaintop retreat if that’s your thing. But do keep your life goals vision board updated and refer to it each time you have to make a major decision. It will help clarify the direction you need to take to achieve your life’s dreams.

Vacation Planning

Vision board for goals of vacation Heading off on an epic vacation with the family? Don’t leave your journey to chance. Capture all your “must see” destinations on a vision board so you don’t miss anything. Even better, invite your kids and spouse to join you, and create a fun planning tool the entire family can use. The kids will be excited about your trip, and you’ll be sure everyone gets to see and do everything they hoped for. By planning ahead, you’ll ensure everyone has the epic vacation of their dreams.

Home Buying or Home Remodeling

Vision Board for Goals of Home Remodel Pinterest has built an entire business around what amounts to a digital vision board—much of it devoted to home décor. If you’re in the market for a new home, or simply remodeling the one you have, then a vision board is a great way to organize your plans. Snip photos of the style of home you love, color combos to try, landscaping ideas, and anything else that strikes your fancy. Keeping your home-buying vision board close at hand will save you time in your search by reminding you exactly what you’re looking for.

Client Attracting

Client Attraction Vision Board Every business has an ideal client, but this seemingly simple thing can be incredibly difficult to define. You can use your vision board for goals that will help. Is your client male or female? Young or old? Successful, Struggling, or Somewhere In Between? Does he or she have kids or a home or a business? Is she confident or timid? Athletic or overweight? Create a collection of images that represent your ideal client and refer to it each time you are tempted (as we all are) to sign a client who is less than ideal. I’m Kimberly Design Love and I help people design a life and business they love. I have created a free guide to help you create vision boards for goals. Click here to get your free guide – How to Create a Dreamy Vision Board

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