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Hello, I’m Kimberly “Design” Love and I help women start a lifestyle business they love.

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Roadblocks to Growing Business

Roadblocks to Growing Business

Preparing for Roadblocks, Flat Tires, & Detours in Growing Business You will hit some challenges when growing your business. That's OK! Never lie to yourself about the obstacles that could come up, especially when it comes to a business venture. Even a...

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The Most Flexible Jobs

If you are working full-time but dreaming of a more flexible lifestyle, here are a few flexible jobs to consider.  Lifestyle design often seems to go hand-in-hand with working online. The general consensus is that working online is the best way to gain more freedom in...

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Habits vs Goals vs New Year’s Resolutions

Habits vs Goals vs New Year’s Resolutions

Habits vs Goals vs New Year's Resolutions ~ What's the difference? This morning I went out for my morning walk and I was shocked by how many people were also out walking. Usually, I don't see very many people on the sidewalks and trails that I walk. Then I remembered...

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7 Success Habits for a More Productive Day

7 Success Habits for a More Productive Day

7 Success Habits to Power Up Your Day I have struggled with my own productivity at times and I have come up with  7 ideas to help power up your day. 1. Make Music Playlists to Fuel your Purpose When my oldest son was about 8, he would ask me to play Panera Music to...

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5 Reasons to Self-Publish a Book on Amazon Kindle

5 Reasons to Self-Publish a Book on Amazon Kindle

One of the best ways to design your lifestyle is to write and self-publish a book on Amazon Kindle. I published my first book in 2015 called the Power of Content Marketing. I wrote this book because I wanted to answer the questions that people were asking me about...

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Brainstorming Your Book

Brainstorming Your Book

Are you ready to finally write that book you’ve been thinking about? Have you been brainstorming your book? For many entrepreneurs, a book is the ideal marketing tool. It not only perfectly positions you as the expert you are, but it also allows you to reach a much...

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“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.”

Walt Disney          

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Your Mission

What if you knew where you where headed?

Your Map

What if you had a map of how to get there?

Your Big Ideas

What if you knew what to do with all your big lofty ideas?

Your Journey

You will experience roadblocks on your journey. Enjoy the detours. 

Your Experience

Share your unique experience.

Your Way

 Your way of getting there  will be uniquely yours.

My Favorite Businesses to  Support Right Now

During these tough times, sometimes there are no words. Sending flowers that express your love and kindness from across the miles or in your hometown. Just Flowers uses local florists to make sure your flowers arrive at their destination.

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The Rainforest Site is part of Greater Good. The products here are made by artisan’s from all over the world.  You can order a mask here and know funds are going to a good cause.

GreaterGood has proudly funded over $60 million and counting in charitable donations.

The programs and projects supported by our combined efforts address a wide range of vital needs including disaster relief, funding food and care for people and animals; providing mammograms and related support to women; funding research in the areas of autism, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and breast cancer; preserving and reforesting threatened habitats; and providing scholarships and new books to children.

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Life is Good is known for spreading “positive vibes.”

They also donate 10% of all proceeds to helping children.  The Life is Good Playmakers support childcare professionals and organizations to create life-changing relationships and optimal environments where our most vulnerable kids can heal, learn, and grow. 

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