Hello, I’m Kimberly “Design” Love and I help women start a lifestyle business they love.

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Roadblocks to Growing Business

Preparing for Roadblocks, Flat Tires, & Detours in Growing Business You will hit some challenges when growing your business. That's OK! Never lie to yourself about the obstacles that could come up, especially when it comes to a business venture. Even a...

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The Most Flexible Jobs

If you are working full-time but dreaming of a more flexible lifestyle, here are a few flexible jobs to consider.  Lifestyle design often seems to go hand-in-hand with working online. The general consensus is that working online is the best way to gain more freedom in...

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Habits vs Goals vs New Year’s Resolutions

Habits vs Goals vs New Year's Resolutions ~ What's the difference? This morning I went out for my morning walk and I was shocked by how many people were also out walking. Usually, I don't see very many people on the sidewalks and trails that I walk. Then I remembered...

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“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them.”

Walt Disney          

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Dream & Decide Workshop

Are you struggling with too many ideas?

This workshop helps you reign in those big lofty ideas and turn them into a solid business plan.

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Design a Business You Love

Are you ready to design a business you love? 

This workshop takes you from dream to start-up.

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Design Your Lifestyle Roadmap Book & Workshop

Do you need help prioritizing your busy schedule?  Do you dream of a new lifestyle?

This workshop and planner help you design a lifestyle you love.

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The Best of  The Design Your Lifestyle Roadmap

Your Mission

What if you knew where you where headed?

Your Map

What if you had a map of how to get there?

Your Big Ideas

What if you knew what to do with all your big lofty ideas?

Your Journey

You will experience roadblocks on your journey. Enjoy the detours. 

Your Experience

Share your unique experience.

Your Way

 Your way of getting there  will be uniquely yours.

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