Day 2 – Decide on a Free Gift aka Opt-in

Brainstorm what free gift you can give potential clients. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • What can I write or put together for my potential clients that will genuinely help them and inspire them to either work with you now or want to learn more about your business? This could be a checklist or a small ebook, it could be a meditation, a recorded prayer, it could be a workbook. it could be a course that is delivered each day or week by email.
  • What format would they prefer? A Video, a PDF, an audio recording ?
  • What does my competition give away on their website?
  • What is the first step that your first client needs to make? Can you turn that first step into a free gift so they know you are the person who helped them first?

Come from a place of “helping”

One of the biggest mistakes made in marketing is approaching potential subscribers with the agenda of selling, pitching a product or getting something FROM somebody.

Create your sign up incentive, box and call-to-action from a place of sharing and giving. This means genuinely (a) putting yourself in your potential subscriber’s shoes and (b) caring about how to make life instantly better for her and you will attract subscribers who will not only sign up for your incentive – they’ll remember your name.

Here Are a Few Opt-in Ideas

  • A free report
  • Software
  • Special coupon
  • Tool like a pattern, spreadsheet, worksheet
  • Video
  • Audio recording
  • Webinar or teleseminar
  • Plugin or application
  • Free downloadable sample
  • Free Template
  • Checklist or cheat sheet
  • Free Images specific your market

Some Very Successful Opt-ins I have seen in Action:

  • A realtor who gives a free ebook on staging your home
  • An interior designer who gives her top paint color selections for the year
  • A painter who gives a guide to picking exterior paint colors
  • An author who give the first chapter of his book
  • An artist who gives adult coloring book pages
  • A restaurant who gives printable coupons for free breadsticks
  • A business coach who gives a motivational video on improving your business

The ideas are endless on what you can give away that is a sample or a quick win for your potential client.

For this challenge, I will be using Get Response to set your email list and out-going messages also known as autoresponders.

You can use Get Response free for 30 Days and you can follow along with this challenge.