About Kimberly Design Love

Hello, my name is  Kimberly “Design” Love and I teach people how to grow their business into a profitable offline & online business.

I know what it is like to overcome my fears of networking and putting my work “out there” in order to bring in new clients and grow my business.

That is why I am here to help you to

Design a Business and a Lifestyle You Love

by overcoming fears of technology, social networking, or face to face networking that may be holding you back.

We will be discussing these key topics:

It wasn’t long ago that I was struggling to find clients for my design business. I thought I could simply sit behind my computer and pray that clients would magically find me.

The thought of going to networking meetings and making sales calls made me shaky and anxious.  Then I said to myself, “Kimberly Love, You  Can Design Your Lifestyle! No One Else can do it for You!” I discovered a way to tap into my strengths, face my fears, and find clients for my business. It hasn’t always been easy. I have run into many problems like clients who don’t pay for my work, “friends” who turned out not to be so friendly, and breaking my foot when I needed to be able to go to visit clients.

Now I am grateful to have discovered methods and techniques that have helped me overcome my obstacles to success. This doesn’t mean my old fears don’t sometimes creep in but now I have learned to manage them.   I was so excited I share with my clients and friends.

The results are that I have built a business that works with my lifestyle so I can work on my schedule and have time with my family and friends.
And now I want to help you to get the same results.

The first step is simple:

Join me on this journey that includes finding your true gifts, taming the wild beasts of obstacles, and discovering a life that you love.