Over the next 21 days, I am going to be sharing tips and strategies for growing your e-mail subscriber list. This is one of the most important things that we can do to grow our business.

Growing your list isn’t just the result of a one-time process that you set up. It is all about making the most of every opportunity to put yourself out there and get in front of right people – your target market. Because I work with clients both online and offline, I am including ways to stay in touch with both people you meet in public and online.

Savvy small business owners know there are many ways to do that, including these top list-building techniques

Day 1 – Decide Who Your Ideal Client Is

So how do you attract that ideal client? The obvious first step is to find out who he or she is. Ask yourself:

  • What her family situation is – is he/she married? Does she have children? Does she live in a house or apartment? In the city or in a rural area?
  • What her socio-economic status is – is she wealthy or working class? From a privileged or more humble background? Does she have a job? Own her own business?
  • How old he/she is – Is she just out of college? An empty nester? Retiree?
  • What are the exact problems you are uniquely positioned to help her solve? For example, if you’re a branding expert with a background in jewelry design, you’re the ideal solution for an up-and-coming jewelry maker who has trouble differentiating herself from the crowd. The pain point you’re answering for her is “How can I stand out in a crowded market and sell more jewelry?”

Once you know the answers to these questions (and there are many more you can ask yourself – this is just a small sample of what you need to know about your dream client) you will better know exactly how to reach your ideal client. You’ll know:

  • Where he/she hangs out – forums, Facebook and LinkedIn groups, local meetups, and more are all gathering places for like-minded individuals. Chances are if your dream client is spending time in one particular group, there are others there who will also benefit from your coaching.
  • Where he/she’s going – Your dream client has goals, and if you can discover them and create a plan to get her there, she’ll gladly pay you a premium for your services.
  • What magazines does your ideal client read?
  • What celebrities does your ideal client admire?
  • What kind of apps does he/she have on their phone?

Describe Your Ideal Client

Based on everything you have researched and thought through about. Write a full description of who you believe is your ideal customer. What are their ages, sex, income group and other demographics? What are their fears, needs, and what problems do they need to have solved? Write it all down, and be ready to alter it later as you learn more about your audience or as your audience changes.

For this challenge, I will be using Get Response to set your email list and out-going messages also known as autoresponders.

You can use Get Response free for 30 Days and you can follow along with this challenge.