Day #6 Put your sign up pitch on all your stationery especially your business cards 

Some people think business cards are old fashioned but I disagree. A business card is a very effective way to share information about your business.

One easy way to grow your email list is to make sure you include a sign-up pitch on all your stationery – especially your business cards and your in email signature.

This doesn’t mean trying to fit your life history in a 3.5” X 2” rectangle. Just add a line under your signature that combines:

  • Your incentive
  • A simple call-to-action
  • Your sign up URL – or whatever your URL is.

You can even make your sign-up call-to-action your entire business card message or you can say See Reverse for a Special Gift.

I recommend using both the Link and a QR Code that goes to your landing page.

Use QR Codes

With the ever-exploding numbers of mobile visitors, do make sure you also include a QR code on your web pages and business stationery – including putting it on your business card.

QR codesA QR code is just a digital bar code. It takes visitors who scan it with their mobiles to a specific destination of your choosing, which can include a website, text message, phone number – or your sign up landing page!

To add a QR Code in Get Response is very easy.

  1. Go to My Account then Multimedia Studio

QR Codes

2.In the Multimedia Studio, click QR Code, then type a folder name, then add QR Code.QR Codes3. Click URL, then enter the URL for your Landing Page, select the size, name it the name of your gift – Now you can copy this QR Code on your business cards.

QR Codes

For this challenge, I will be using Get Response to set your email list and out-going messages also known as autoresponders.

You can use Get Response free for 30 Days and you can follow along with this challenge.

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