Now I am going to take you through the steps of adding an opt-in to your website.

So if you have been following along with me, you should have a document that you can save as a PDF to give away to your potential clients. If you created a video or an audio, then this exercise will still work for you.

  1. Go to GetResponse and sign-up or you can try GetResponse free for 30 days.Add an Opt-in to Your Website
  2. You will get this screen saying to check your email. Add an Opt-in to Your Website
  3. Fill in your information to activate your account. Add an Opt-in to Your Website
  4. Next, you will see this on the home screen and you will want to select the red square for “Create Form” Add an Opt-in to Your Website
  5. In “Create Form” you will see several options for different opt-in widgets that you can create. To keep things simple, I selected the first one on the top left. Adding an Opt-In to Your Website
  6. This is how the first selection looks before you make any alterations. Adding an Opt-In to Your Website
  7. On the right-hand side, you will see several options that you can select. I suggest you add an image and the privacy button. To add items like these, simply drag the image over to the opt-in box. Adding an Opt-In to Your Website
  8. To change the image, simply click on the strawberry and then click “replace image. Adding an Opt-In to Your Website
  9. You’ll see lots of images that you can select from. These are free for you to use, royalty free images. Select one that relates to your free gift. You can have something made special that looks like a booklet or a CD on for $5.00 make sure they send you a JPG file that you can use. Adding an Opt-In to Your Website
  10. So this is how mine looks right now. Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 3.06.31 PM
  11. To add this to your website, you will click “save & publish” then you will see this Java Script. Leave this window open on your desktop and go over to your WordPress Website. Adding an Opt-in to your Website
  12. On your WordPress dashboard, you’ll go to “Appearance” then “Widgets.” Adding an Opt-in to your Website
  13. On this screen, you will drag a text widget to the blog area that you want to use and open it up. Now go back over to Get Response and copy the java script code from here and past it into the text widget. Adding an Opt-in to your Website
  14. Here you can see that the widget has been added to my sidebar. You can play with the size a bit to get it looking just right. You can see that the “n” on motivation is cut off so I would want to fix that but I am going to leave it for now. Adding an Opt-in to your Website
  15. Now we go back over to GetResponse and go the dashboard of your account click the settings wheel to the right of the campaign name. Make sure you are using the correct campaign if you have more than one.campaign
  16. Now we need to create a confirmation page on your website where people can download their free gift. Here are the steps that I took: A. Make this page “No Index” on my settings so not everyone can find it on the internet. B. Add your PDF Opt-in as Media. If you have an audiofile you can add it here as well. If you have a video. It would be best to upload it to YouTube and mark it as “Unlisted” then embed the link here. C. Make sure your link to your ebook shows up. D. Copy the permalink before you publish because you will need it for Step 17. Lastly, click PUBLISH. Download Page
  17. Go to the “Permission” tab. Here there are some settings that we need to tweak and we need to send people to get their free gift.Here are the steps: A. Double check you are on the right campaign B. Check that your email address is correct. C. Select a pre-written subject line (otherwise you’ll have to wait for approval. D. Paste the permalink / URL from Step 16 into this box. Permission Page
  18. Now you are all done!  Go to your opt-in and test it out make sure it works properly.

If you have questions the folks at GetResponse are super helpful.

For this challenge, I will be using Get Response to set your email list and out-going messages also known as autoresponders.

You can use Get Response free for 30 Days and you can follow along with this challenge.

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