Make Your Readers Feel Special

Last but not least, make sure the folks who have signed up for your email list feel special. Here are a few tips on how to make those who signed up for your readers feel special.

#1. Ask What They Need Help with and Respond Personally

This does 2 important things: #1 it really builds trust with those who have signed up for your email list to be asked a question and to receive an answer back from you.  #2 it moves your emails to primary on the Gmail tabs. When Google sees that you are corresponding rather than just sending our emails it ranks your emails to that person as more important.

#2. Announce Your Upcoming Newsletters on Social Media.

When you announce that you sent something special in your Twitter feed, on LinkedIn and in your Facebook and Google Plus posts, people will want to go back and find that email from you in order to see what they might be missing.  As you build and screen your audience, be sure to do it on all possible platforms. Have your Twitter followers read your emails, and your email readers follow you on Twitter. Give people a good reason to be on and stay on your email list. It could be Freebies on Fridays or special pricing.

#3. Find Common Ground – Write about Personal Experiences Where You Can

Always be asking yourself – and the person you’re “talking” to (whether or not it’s through your blog or in person at an event) – “What is going on in your life?”   Find out what is important to them and why.

Ask them questions. Really listen to and validate the answers. If you have something relevant to contribute, share a secret or two of your own about a similar project. Be interested, genuine and real, and the connection will follow.

It’s all about making that connection. This is exactly the kind of information about you that you clients want to know.

Stuck for ideas about what to include in your next email? It’s time to tell a personal story. Storytelling is one of the most powerful ways to convey a message, and because you’re a coach, people will be even more receptive to your stories

#4.  Create a Series

One way you can boost your subscriptions is to create not just a standalone event, but a short series.

When you create a short, focused series, you are giving away “free teaching”. People often place higher worth on a series than on a stand-alone event (and you can even use a stand-alone event to promote your series and capture more sign-ups).

Even if they didn’t sign up for your single event, certain subscribers may be hooked in by a series – particularly if there is a challenge or reward associated with completing it (e.g. “Produce your own eBook in Six Easy Lessons”)

#5 Pay attention to “Voice”

Use your authentic voice even in your sign-up forms, landing page, and your email correspondence. Keep the connection…

  • Short and to the point, if you are targeting the very rich
  • Formal, if targeting left-brain professionals
  • Colloquial, if you are targeting geographic locations and niche groups with a strong linguistic sub-culture
  • Personal and informal, if you are basing your website on personality.

Thanks for reading this 21 Day List Building Challenge. I hope it was helpful to you.

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