Using Slideshare for List Building

If your business is more B2B (Business to Business), Slideshare is an excellent way to attract professionals and content marketers.  This lesser-known social sharing platform can do far more than just be a showcase for PowerPoints. It’s a free way to grow your list, build your following and get thousands of visitors to your site.

Keep in mind that SlideShare is not Facebook. It’s a lot smaller,  but it is connected to LinkedIn. I will be talking about LinkedIn in the next post. SlideShare is big enough to be home to 15 million presentations and to get about 60 million unique visitors per month.

Despite its size, SlideShare isn’t playing around. Neither is LinkedIn, which bought SlideShare back in 2012. And though SlideShare is smaller than Facebook or Twitter, it has some features that everyone in online marketing should know about.

SlideShare is especially valuable if you want to reach professionals and businesses owners. According to Comscore, SlideShare is used by business owners and business executives 5 times more often than Twitter or Facebook.

There are many ways to use SlideShare to promote your business and attract customers, but for this post we’ll focus on using it to grow your list. There are three major ways to do that.

  1. Use Slideshare’s Lead Generation Tool – This is expensive. Currently, it costs $12 per lead but keep in mind these would be leads who are very interested in your topic.
  2. Link to Your Landing Page from the Slideshow – This is free but may not get as many leads
  3. Post Your Slideshow on Your Own Website – This showcases your work nicely on your website. I don’t recommend using the Slideshare Lead Generation Tool on your own blog because it is expensive and the reader is already on your website. Make it easy for the reader to opt-in on your website.

#1 Use Slideshare’s Lead Generation Tool

  1. First, go over to You can log-in using your LinkedIn account or Facebook account or you can create a new login. Browse around a little bit before you add content to Slideshare. This will help you get a feel for how it works. I suggest you look up your topic and see what others are posting. One of my favorite Slidesharer’s is Steve Scott. Notice how he provides interesting graphics and a free gift at the end.  Using Slideshare for List Building
  2. Create a Slideshow about your Opt-in. The standard for Slideshare is Microsoft PowerPoint but if you don’t have Powerpoint, you can use Apple Keynote or Google Slides and save your slideshow as a PDF for more tips and tricks on using Slideshare go to Slideshare Tips and Tricks 
  3. Upload your slideshow as a Powerpoint or PDF. You can also upload Videos from YouTube if you would like to add sound.
  4. Add Leads – Click Collect Leads and you can add an Opt-in box after a certain slide.

#2 Link to Your Landing Page from the Slideshow

Follow the instructions above except you need to add your opt-in with a link to your landing page to your slideshow. I suggest adding it in the middle and at the end.

#3 Post Your Slideshow on Your Own Website

Now that you have created a cool slideshow about your free gift, showcase it on your own website. Locate your slideshow by clicking on your picture. Then “My Uploads” to open your slideshow. Then click the “Share” button and you’ll see these options. If you’re on WordPress then you copy the WordPress Shortcode and upload it to your website.

Slideshare for List Building

For this challenge, I will be using Get Response to set your email list and out-going messages also known as autoresponders.

You can use Get Response free for 30 Days and you can follow along with this challenge.

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